About this website

On April 24, 1993,  the Barendse Family Journal (Familiejournaal Barendse) was founded which served as a communication channel for the Barendse family living in the western part (Westland) of The Netherlands.
This Barendse Family Journal has been replaced by the present Barendse-Wubben website which will be more extensive by including the Wubben's, maiden surname of H.A. Wubben who married W.P. Barendse, the parents of the webmaster. This website is especially intended for all the Barendse's and Wubben's and their relatives who have their roots mainly in the western part of The Netherlands, "het Westland".
The editor of this site welcomes any relevant information and news concerning, especially,  the Barendse surname. Remarks and other contributions can be sent to redactie@barendse.ws