The Barendse's and Wubben's in "het Westland", the western part of The Netherlands

The Barendse's have their roots in "het Westland" and belong to the oldest horticulturists in this region. In the past several Barendse's have played important roles within their community. The best-known is certainly Jan Barendse who served as president of the socalled "Bond Westland", a union of all cooperative auctions for horticultural produce, and a typical Dutch institution. In his time he was not only a well-known important person but he has also contributed to the history of horticulture in "het Westland" by writing it down in his book entitled "Hollands Tuin" (Garden of Holland). This book represents one of the best sources for a description of the living conditions of our ancestors in "het Westland" from which I hope to publish some relevant extracts on this website in the future.
The Wubben's have been added later to this website as this family is connected to the Barendse's (the webmasters family) by marriage in particular of Hubertha Alida Wubben with Wilhelmus Petrus Barendse (respectively mother and father of webmaster). The Wubben's have a similar past as the Barendse's as they like the Barendse's descend from German ancestors which came around 1800 to the then "rich" Holland either to work or settle there. Most Barendse's were horticulturists as were a part of the Wubben family members while another part of the Wubben family had other occupations like shops.
The descendency of the Wubben family has been researched and described in a book entitled "WUBBEN", published by the "Stichting Familie Wubben", Rijswijk 1992: editor G.A.H.A. Wubben, all rights reserved.